About Sainttronics

The purpose of this blog is to share my experience and knowledge of electronics, retro computers and a few other bits and pieces that I have gained over the years.

I have been a hands on fan of electronics since the very early ’80’s, working on many projects since then (as a hobbyist at first and later working in the field).

In recent times, I had stepped out of the electronics arena however to focus on software and software development, working for a successful company.

Thankfully, I have managed to get back into electronics again in my spare time,  promising myself to take some time every week to learn something new, to use what I already know, and now to share my adventures in electronics with you fine people!

It can be hard to make time for hobbies. Life can get in the way, but making that effort has been so worth it for me. And, if electronics is your thing, I hope my blog can help you on your way.


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