Going off grid?

Setting up power to my workshop is proving to be an ongoing project for me. Where possible I want to be off grid generating my own power. Solar and wind both spring to mind – wind for the days when the weather is poor and no solar energy can be collected and solar for the days where it is possible. Given that I live in Ireland and the weather is not the best for solar power generation, it’s worth a try, just to see how much free energy (I use the word free very loosely) can be stored.

This brings me on to the storage of the energy – batteries. Some research is required into the types of batteries to use as this is not something I have tried before. I purchased a basic PWM Solar Charge Controller from eBay and is designed for lead acid batteries. As a first step I want to try to set this system up and monitor the changing/discharging of the battery over a period of time.  I have a couple of 12V6AH Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, that I removed from an old UPS, which I can connect to the Solar Charge Controller.  I plan to introduce a 12v and maybe later a 24V circuit into the workshop for low voltage system, such as the Retro Computer Project.

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